Note: The McDevitt lab moved to the Gladstone Institutes in January 2015. A new website will be launched shortly. Please contact us with any questions in the mean time.

The McDevitt lab is focused on the engineering of innovative technologies to translate the morphogenic potential of stem cells as models of development and disease, as well to develop cellular and molecular therapies aimed to treat degenerative diseases and traumatic injuries. Learn more about the research.

Since stem cells are promising for a number of applications, the emphasis of the McDevitt Lab is on the development of technology platforms to advance therapies that span multiple diseases

Our technologies are applicable to a wide variety of diseases, including cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurological disorders. Specific diseases that we can apply our research to include treatments for diabetes, chronic wounds, aging, arthritis and other autoimmune disorders. The McDevitt lab's work also has other applications, including wound healing, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy and bone regeneration to name just a few. Click here for a complete list of research and disease applications.

Kinney Selected for the 2015 Tissue Engineering Young Investigator Council (TEN YIC)
She was one of nine selected out of 450 nominations.
January, 2015
White Receives Prestigious ARCS Fellowship
The Atlanta Chapter of ARCS recently honored 45 outstanding young scientists at its 23rd annual ARCS Scholar Awards event.
January, 2015
Burnsed and Hettiaratchi Recognized for their “Above and Beyond” Community Service
The trainee Above and Beyond awards are given to graduate students for their dedication to the community through service activities as well as volunteering.
January, 2015
Gladstone Welcomes Todd McDevitt as the Newest Investigator at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
Coming from Georgia Tech, McDevitt’s expertise in stem cell engineering will bring a unique combination of skills to compliment an existing team of world-renown scientists.
December, 2014
American Heart Association Fellowship Awarded to Hookway
Her proposal was 1 of only 14 selected for funding out of 72 total applicants.
December, 2014
Better Ways to Rebuild Badly Injured Bones
Developing a new technology that will help the body repair traumatic bone injuries more effectively & at lower cost than current methods
November, 2014
Student and Faculty Researchers Converge for First-time Biomaterials Day Event
Hettiaratchi awarded 2nd place poster, Burnsed lead the organization of the event & McDevitt was 1 of 3 keynotes.
October, 2014
Study Links Biomechanics and Gene Expression in Stem Cells
McDevitt lab's work from Nature Scientific Reports featured.
August, 2014
Competitive Research Program Launches Opportunity for Mohamad Ali Najia.
For 15 years the Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars program has been like a gift that keeps on giving for talented young researchers, creating valuable opportunities for the next generation of leaders in bioengineering and bioscience.
August, 2014
Nature Materials Review: Materials as Stem Cell Regulators
Partnership with Adam Engler from UCSD and Bill Murphy from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
June, 2014
International Stem Cell Engineering Assessment

Todd was 1 of 6 panelists that toured Europe and Asia to do an international assessment of the Stem Cell Engineering field. View webcast here.

Georgia Tech Faculty Help to Define Emerging U.S Stem Cell Engineering Field through International Study. Read more.

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